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Getting Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

licensed money lender Singapore

Everyday is not always a bed of roses where one will forever be financially okay. There are times when one can fall into financial crisis and things may become so hard and difficult. In this situation, a loan from a trusted source
would be advisable. There are lots of means to get loans- from private sectors, banks, financial institutions, corporate bodies and so on. In Singapore just like in other cities, you can get various groups of money lenders. Of all the available money lenders offering their services to the general public, a bank or licensed money lender is more advisable and safer to borrow from. For a short time loan, it is more advisable to borrow from licensed money lenders because it takes minutes or a couple hours to grant the loan unlike banks that can take a longer time- sometime days to process.

One of the licensed money lenders in Singapore is the Credit Hub Capital. They are a legit, fully authorised and licensed moneylender in Singapore. They got their license since 2010 and ever since have been the best money lender in Singapore. They give out loans at a fair and moderate rate and provide quality services. Their customer care representatives are well-trained and friendly. They handle everything with high professionalism. All their employees are professionals and are the best at what they do. They treat all customers as high profiles. They work and attend to customers on work days from Monday to Friday within the time range of 11am – 8pm. They also work on Saturday from 11am – 4pm. They are always closed for Sundays and public holidays.

Credit Hub Capital offers their loan in four distinct forms;

Instant Personal Loan: This type of loan is given to individuals who have an emergency to cater for. Like unforeseen expenses and recurring ones.

SME Business Loan: This is a loan offered to people who are willing to start a business or to expand their business.

Quick Foreigner Loan: Is a loan devised for foreigners above the age of 21 who had
been issued employment pass without collateral.

Urgent Payday Loan: Is devised for those who need urgent sum but can only repay the sum in their next payday.

These types of loans offered by Credit Hub Capital are flexible and easy to be repaid with very little interest.