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Get Cash Loans From Reliable Money Lenders

Money Lenders

Emergency (say a dent on your car), and happy news (say an unexpected promotion) can both knock unannounced and both need to be addressed immediately – damage control for the first and celebration for the latter. With your monthly salary already being booked to pay the utility bills, home rents, tuition fees and other normal expenses, we understand that the pressing need for money can arise at any juncture. Exhausted your funds mid-month? Whether you are a PR, a foreigner or an SME, you maybe need instant cash in your hands.

Established in 2010, CreditHub Capital is one of the most trusted money lenders in Singapore. Being a local company, we know the problems faced by citizens in procuring loans from traditional institutions like banks and even from licensed money lenders Singapore.

Reasons For Choosing Licensed Money Lender

1. Minimal documents and credit history checks

Licensed Moneylender understands that under the stress of requiring urgent cash flow, you wouldn’t be in a state to arrange elaborate papers for verification. Hence, according to the requirements laid down by the Government, they take only the bare minimum set of documents like – your id, passport, address proof, bank account details/credit history. Rest easy if your credit history is not completely perfect. They understand that all humans are fallible and make allowance for you getting your cash loan within permissible and legal limits.

2. Facility to choose the most relevant type of cash loan

They provide 4 types of loans – personal loans, quick payday loans, easy foreigner loans and short-term business loans. Their representative will explain the terms for each, on request and you can mutually decide on the best-suited loan type for your present needs. For all types of loans, they guarantee the best interest rates and minimal late fees.

3. Fastest cash handover window – get your cash in 1-hour!

You know that applying for traditional loans can take up to 3-4 working days for approval. While a 24-hour processing window is promised by most money lenders in Singapore, Licensed Moneylender provides cash right in your hands within an hour. Just submit loan application or call their branch on 6338 5115, their finance consultant will set up an appointment. Visit their office at the said hour and collect your cash within 60 minutes!

Now that you have all the authentic information about them. So Visit EasyFind Moneylender Singapore whenever you are strapped for cash, and live a financial-stress free life!