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Marriage Preparation Programme

Preparing for a wedding is merely the beginning of preparing for a marriage. Often, couples are too busy with preparing themselves to be the groom and bride that they overlook preparing themselves to be husband and wife. As much as wedding preparations take time and effort, so does marriage preparation! A good marriage needs a good foundation. The best time to start marriage preparation is when you and your partner have started to think about marital commitment in your relationship. Whether you are dating, soon-to-wed or engaged, marriage preparation programmes will help you and your partner to understand issues relating to marriage and be mentally and emotionally prepared for life together as husband and wife.

Marriage preparation programmes / premarital counselling are usually provided by

  • secular organizations such as the family service centres and private counselling centres
  • religious organizations such as churches, mosques and temples
  • private counsellors / family therapists

For more information about Marriage Preparation Programmes (MPP), click here.

  • Shop Around. There are differences in the programmes offered. Do consider details such as duration of the programme, location, class size and cost.
  • Decide Together. Decide with your partner which programme is suitable and when would be a good time to attend.
  • Register directly with the service provider.

You may also download the programme listings below:

  • Download in *PDF
  • Download in *PDF (for Mandatory Marriage Preparation Programmes for Couples Aged 18 - 21)